N6019L AA5 Grumman-American Traveler "Grummy"
1972 Grumman-American AA5 Traveler

The new four-place aircraft, named the American Aviation AA-5 Traveler, was powered by a Lycoming O-320-E2G engine of 150 hp (110 kW). It would carry four people at 121 knots (224 km/h) cruise speed and was certified under US FAR Part 23.

Production of the Traveler had just started in 1971 when American Aviation was sold to Grumman and became the Grumman American division. Grumman continued production of the Traveler. 834 Travelers had been produced when production of this model ceased in 1975.

History of this Aircraft

The current owners acquired this aircraft in September 2004. Previously it had been in Iowa. One of the current owners is an A&P Mechanic, and has taken very good care of this aircraft. In the fall of 2008, a bad wind storm caused substantial damage to this aircraft when portions of the hanger were blown in. Thanks to insurance, this aircraft was completely restored. Replacment wings were purchased, and the aircraft received a complete airframe inspection and overhaul. As part of that repair, the rigging of the aircraft was inspected and adjusted, so this aircraft flys straight and has a light touch.

Flying this aircraft is like driving a sports car. The aircraft can be flown with the canopy open under a certain airspeed, which makes for an awesome experience. Both existing owners are instrument rated pilots, and can vouch for this aircraft's IFR capabilities.




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